Yes, I talk to myself when I shop


     They say you should never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry.  I’m always hungry when I go shopping. 

     I take my handy dandy little shopping list and try to stick to it.  Of course, there’s always those one or two or three items I remember I am out of and they do go into my cart. 

     “Hmm, chocolate pudding, don’t have any must need some.”  Into the cart it goes.  “How about eggs do we need eggs?  I forgot to put those on the list but I’m fairly certain we are almost out of them.”  Eggs go into the cart.

     “What the heck is this now?  I can’t read his handwriting.  Is that White Out?  I’m not at an office supply store for heaven’s sake—oh yeah it’s that stuff MT. Dew makes.  Okay got it.”  I load a carton onto the bottom of the cart.

     “Peanut butter.”  I snag a jar from the shelf and toss it into the cart.  “Crap, do we need bread?  I don’t have it on my list.  There might be some in the spare fridge.”  My cart is quite full by then.  “Oh, well if we do need some I can always do a quick trip later.”


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Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner --we have two, Avid gardener.

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  1. I think I shopped next to you last week. Are you the woman who bought treats for the dog next door because the dog asked you to?
    I have a different way of shopping. I make tidy lists and then leave them safely at home. But they are used to me at the store. If I am standing still and looking vaguely around they peek at my cart and tell me what’s missing. There are a couple of people working there that either know me incredibly well, or are telikenetic.

    In my case it isn’t only one dog next door telling me to buy cookies, it’s a whole bunch of them that walk by my house and EXPECT to be treated. I heard from them yesterday.

  2. I shop online. It’s ok to talk to yourself in your own living room.

    Yeah, you can always say you were talking to the dog…

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