Will we ever get finished?


   We were finally able to get back into the MIL’s house to work on clearing things out again yesterday.  The snow has melted enough over there that we can park in front of the house.  After five hours, my car held another huge load for Goodwill and some treasures for G and me.

     We piled five more loaded garbage bags out by the curb.  The house looks as though we’ve done nothing.  I am beginning to wonder if we’ll ever get all the stuff out of the house before the nursing home takes it.

     G and I were so tired when we left we were dragging.  I have to go back on Sunday to put out the recycling cans that we completely filled.  Then I’ll load my van again.  We left stuff in the living room all separated into keep, give to Goodwill, and ask-anyone-if-they-want-this piles.  And we only worked on ONE bedroom!

     My next magical trick will be to find some strong backs and weak minds to move furniture.  I’m bringing a bedroom set, a desk, and a sofa home.  (Which means I need to get rid of one sofa bed and a futon.)  I don’t love her sofa but it is in better shape than my sofa bed.  


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Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner --we have two, Avid gardener.

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  1. I am working at a new position at my job now where I get every other weekend off. Once the weather improves, I plan on visiting you in order to help out. Fair warning though…I’m a weakling when it comes to heavy furniture.

    I am too that’s why I’m going to try to recruit some muscle bound help when it comes down to moving the furniture. 😉

  2. It’s amazing at all the stuff we accumulate during our lifetime and how much work it is to go through it all.

    Yes, and a hoarder will make you crazy with all the crap. All of this has made G and I decide to clean out our attics and basements this summer.

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