And then there was ICE


     If you read yesterday’s post you know that my friend Dave is delighted with this weather.  I am not.  AJ cleared our driveway tonight so that’s not a problem.  We now have to contend with ICE.  The heavy snow on the roofs of our house is dripping and growing into substantial icicles.  Then the drips are hitting the walks and steps turning them into skating rinks.  We are running out of salt.

     Now running out of salt wouldn’t be that bad since normally I can drive to the store and get more.  However, I have a problem.  My van has a flat tire AGAIN.  I thought we were done with this problem after we had the wheels polished and tires checked last month.  Nope.  It’s BAAAACK! 

     I do not drive DH’s truck.  Ever.  I don’t like his truck.  I don’t like to drive it.  I have too many blind spots when I do drive it.  I had one narrow escape while driving his truck and I haven’t driven it since. 

     Then there’s that ice problem again.  I hate ice.  Our street is very icy and for some reason the salt truck skipped us the last two storms. 

     Hey, Dave do you deliver salt?

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  1. Spring is just around the corner, Spring is just around the corner……..

    LOL! Sure it is.

  2. I remember one Christmas when I just pushed off from our front door and slid all the way to the car – 18 feet of sheet ice. I thought the car would have better traction; no. So, please, please, be very careful!! The ice won’t last more than a week…

    I am watching more snow fall…I’m not going anywhere!

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