If you could choose you neighbor…


     Who would choose?  Would there be certain pets you’d want there?  Ones you wouldn’t want?  Are you the neighbor everyone wishes DIDN’T live next door to them?

     We have two small dogs and a large domestic short haired black cat living in the house next door to us along with one teenager and two young adults and one matriarchal unit.  I love this family and I hope they stay there forever.  Patty however, has issues with the two dogs, they always have a few cross words to bark at each other when they are outside at the same time.  We’ve had people in that house I wouldn’t wish on…well…anyone!

     The next best person who lived in that house was young single woman with two cats.  She was seldom home.  I often took care of and played with the cats.

     We won’t go into the worst of the worst that lived there before her.  I don’t want to hear about people spewing their morning coffee onto their computer screens.  Suffice it to say the roach people almost had me move out of my house and then there were worse ones.    

     We were glad when the house was sold and a new owner (see single gal above) moved in.  We were terrified when she sold the house remembering the previous tenants.  We hoped no one bought the place to rent it out but rather to live there.  We were lucky.  (See first paragraph.)  We love them.

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  1. Good neighbors make all the difference in the world! I’ve had a few questionable types in my past as well….the lady who was a mental case who opened mail addressed to ME before realizing it wasn’t addressed to her (it was a magazine rack).

    Even better? The”nice” navy couple who used my phone only to give it to some troublemaker kids who wanted to run up my phone bill because they had been harassing us and were called on the carpet by an ADA in court in front of a judge.

    This phone situation did work out, however. I called the phone company and told them I had not made that $27 long distance call to Rochester, NY (the call was made from Washington State. They called the recipient of that call who admitted it was made by a third party unknown to us and therefore, no permission was granted to use our phone number.

    Give me a good neighbor any day.

    Yes, good neighbors are the best.

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