Name my Roomba


     We found a brand new Roomba in the MIL’s house.  The box was unopened and everything was still in plastic bags and bubble wrap.  The batteries that came with it sat for too long without being charged and wouldn’t accept a charge so I ordered a new battery for it. 

     The battery arrived today.  After charging it, it was fun to watch the little sage green guy run about the downstairs chasing down and sweeping up all those wild killer dust bunnies.  He’s so darned cute that I think he deserves a name.

     Of course, I did this while the pups were secure in their crates because Gavin has a thing for noisy moving objects.  See the picture above.  That’s Gavin chasing his RC car.  He wore out three of those before we decided it was too expensive a toy for him. 

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  1. OK, I offer a trite alliteration… “Residual”…no matter how hardy that Roomba…a few dust bunnies will escape…

    Great Puppy.


    LOL! That’s a good one.
    We think both of our pups are great. ;)However, Patty runs and hides whenever she hears anything electical running like RC cars, back massagers, nail grinders, and vacuums.

  2. Roomba is so terrific that I’m not coming up with anything else. Just wondering how to train it to come when you call it. On the other hand, the photo of Gavin and the RC car is too cute for words. Adorable.

    But everyone who has a Roomba has one with that name. I think he/she deserves to be an individual.

    Gavin destroyed three of those cars, all in fun. Don’t tell him but I think there is one hiding in my exercise room.

  3. Rosie Roomba?

    Cute, reminds me of the Jetsons…

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