More snow and panic shoppers


     We’ve more snow.  It started snowing in the evening, it’s three in the morning Friday as I post this, and still the snow is coming down.  I’m glad I did my regular grocery shopping in the afternoon on Thursday.  My list had grown over the past three weeks, each time I planned to go shopping it snowed. 

     We were out of vegetables, milk, eggs, sugar, almost out of bread, and I had no snacks left for DH to munch on.  There was one box of tissues left and that wasn’t a full one.  Yes, it was time to shop.  I dodged the impending snowstorm panic shoppers as I filled my list.

     I pushed my cart into my favorite clerk’s line and joked with her about panic shoppers while she rang up my order.  Another customer told us about how a friend of hers had stopped for milk on the way home from work before the last storm.  (She has three small kids and was out of milk.)  There was no milk in the case so she went to have a couple of other items checked out and the woman in front of her had eight gallons of milk.  She practically begged the woman to spare her one for her kids.  The woman rudely told her no.  Geez, some people are real idiots.

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  1. Eight gallons of milk!!….That’s not just idiotic, it’s rude, it’s greedy, the woman is a glutton. How freakin’ long does she think she’s gonna be snowbound? I feel for that poor woman with the kids. I might have said something right back to her if I were quick enough, maybe a good old Jewish curse or a veiled Irish blessing, lol.

    She certainly deserved a particularly nasty blessing.

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