I’m no car gal but…


     I admit it.  I’m hooked on watching the Barrett Jackson car auctions.  For DH it’s the cars, for me it’s watching idiots spend enough money on one car to buy several homes.  The amount of money they pay for these cars staggers me.  To me, no car is worth that much.

     Every time DH sees a 1955, Chevy Belair two-door sedan, go for a fortune, he about breaks down in tears since we sold ours for a song thirty years ago.  I sit here and tell him I told ya so, I knew he should’ve hung on to that car.  I wasn’t happy when he sold it. 

     However, at the time he was laid off from work, I worked two jobs for little money, and money was tight.  DH insisted we sell it after someone stole the radiator and we couldn’t afford to replace it.  We didn’t need the second car right then but it was his grandfather’s car and I hated seeing it go.  I adored his grandfather.  If it weren’t for that man, we wouldn’t have owned our house.  He bought it from DH’s parents and held the mortgage for us.  It broke our hearts when he died a few months before our wedding.  No, I didn’t want to see that car go at all.

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