Look what we found…


     Since the MIL is never going to go back home from the nursing home, we have to clean out the house.  While cleaning some things out of the MIL’s house today G and I came across these items.  There are two of those lamps.  I tried to find out what the items were worth online but had no luck at all.  I guess this means a trip to an antique shop now and hope the owner is honest.

     I plan to keep one of the beaded bags.  I have no use for three of them since I seldom have a need to dress up. 

     One thing we found in abundance everywhere we looked was pennies.  The in-laws were penny hoarders of the first rank.  OMG I never saw so many.  They are going to love me at the sorting machine, LOL!

     The MIL was a QVC jewelry nut.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with all the rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.  I do know that I will get some use out of the several fancy watches she had that she never wore once.  They still had the protective plastic on the faces and backs and holding the stem out.

     We only cleared one dresser, two closet bottoms, two freezers, and two refrigerators today and we were both beat when we left.

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  1. Isn’t it amazing how someone will keep things they never use for years and years, and when you suggest they get rid of those things you get a response like “Oh no, I might need it someday.” Then, later on you go back to clean out their things and find that item that was “needed” and it still has a layer of dust on it, only it’s twice as thick.

    Of course hoarding pennies is a different matter, you can USE them, lol. It’s too bad those pennies weren’t dimes…or quarters.

    I know that when my mom is no longer in the house, I am going to have quite a chore cleaning things out.

    Start sneaking things out to Goodwill now. LOL

  2. I’ve been through this with my mother…..lots of incredulous laughs amongst the labour of it. Keep your sense of humour and you’ll survive 🙂

    Oh, yeah. A sense of humor helps. That’s why G is helping me, we can always make each other laugh. She’s been a dear friend for 37 years.

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