Comfort foods and a comfortable marriage, what more can one want?


     We like breakfast for dinner.  I often make sausage and French toast or pancakes for dinner.  Sometimes it’s fried eggs, or scrambled eggs, or omelets each served with a side of bacon or sausage.  Maybe if we’re hungry for it I’ll even make SOS that I serve over fresh biscuits instead of toast.  I make a mean SOS.

     When we were younger, we went to local diners in the wee hours of the morning and enjoyed an early breakfast.  We don’t do that often now.  In fact, it’s years since we have.

     For one thing, DH is seldom awake during the wee hours and for another, eating out gets expensive. 

     With his MS turning walking into a major feat, DH does prefer to stay home most of the time.  In the summer, it’s too hot to anywhere and in the winter too cold.  I don’t mind.

     It is funny how things work out for us.  After all those years of him working different shifts with the police department, we’re still on different schedules even with him retired on disability.  He’s up early in the morning and off to bed early.  I’m up late and off to bed about the time he’s getting up.  Maybe that’s why our marriage works so well.  We aren’t connected at the hip and we’re very comfortable with each other.

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  1. I have to applaud you for the comfortable way your marriage works. Having spent the bulk of my life with joined at hip folks, AKA hostage takers, I really appreciate hearing about a healthy relationship.

    It’s nice to know comfortable is around.

    We’ve always been comfortable with each other and we both insist each of us have interests of our own.

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