Luddite vs. technophile in the dog world


     Patty is a Luddite while Gavin is a technophile.  Gavin loves the electric back massager, nail grinder, and whipped cream shot from a can.  Patty, on the other hand, hides when we turn on the back massager and nail grinder.  She’s not very sure she cares for the can that shoots whipped cream.

     You can blame Linda of Crone and Bear it  for me trying this.  Both dogs had their introduction to canned whipped cream after we had our pecan pie.  Their reactions were clearly opposite.

     Gavin leapt about scolding and begging for more after the first blast.  “Wow.  That stuff comes out of a can?  Hit me with your best shot.”

     Patty’s was clearly a low-tech approach.  “Don’t point that thing at me just let the white stuff drop on the floor mom.  I’ll get it from there.”

     I doubled over in the giggles shouting ‘food fight’ sending blasts of whipped cream streaming into the dogs’ mouths.  We managed to annoy DH who was trying to watch TV but the pups and I were having a good time.  Sometimes DH can be an old stick in the mud.

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  1. ROTFL
    Gavin puts me in mind of half the people I know – Patty picks up the other half.

    Me? I’m more 3/4 Luddite and 1/4 techno.

    What a fascinating thing to find out about one’s canine companions.

    They are a hoot.

  2. I would love to have been there to see Gavin’s reaction. Sounds like a hoot! And yes I can see where you might have picked that up from Crone and Bear it, LOL!

  3. That sounds like LOTS of fun 😀

    It was!

  4. Does Gavin like the Squeeze Cheeze too? The stuff from the aerosol can…

    He probably would enjoy it but we never do have that on hand.

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