Check out lines need warning lights


     I’ve stated many times in my blog that I hate shopping.  It’s true I do.  I hate going to stores and shopping for things.  I hate grocery shopping so much that I have six months worth of meats delivered to my house so I can cut back on the time I spend in a grocery store.

     Speaking of grocery stores and shopping there.  I think there should be a flashing warning light on check out lines where someone has fifty million coupons.  I want to get in the store do my shopping and get the hell out thank you very much.  I do not want to stand in line for twenty minutes having my frozen foods thaw while the idiot in front of me, who has handed the clerk a pile of coupons that equals the height of the Empire State building, saves fifteen dollars.

     Warn me and let me go to another line.  If you are the clerk and you know this person always hands you a chit load of coupons, hit the light switch and turn on that flashing light that says ‘warning coupon shopper ahead, you may be delayed.’ 

     If you are that person with the coupon fetish, do not wait until I’ve emptied the entire contents of my cart onto the conveyer, and then whip out that mountain of coupons and hand them to the clerk.  Please, I beg you, as I push my cart into the line, tell me you have the equivalent of the entire encyclopedia Britannica in coupons in your purse.  I will go to another line.  You won’t have me behind you moaning and banging my head on the shopping cart while the clerk scans each coupon.

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  1. And then there are the customers behind whom you never want to wait. I ought to have a pop up warning light whenever I get into a line. Something will happen and you don’t want to be waiting behind me.

    My greatest coup was the day that the cashier had just started checking me out when someone ran into the store yelling that there was a car on fire.

    Of course it was MY cashier’s car. Everyone behind me left for another cashier – I was stuck partially checked out until the cashier came back.

    The car turned out to be her boyfriend’s and she said she was planning on breaking up with him anyway.

    Oy Vey!

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