After the storm


     With very strong winds gusting and pushing the rain from the south, our roof leaked again.  This only happens when conditions are right and conditions were perfect.  I cussed the weather and roof and set out the usual buckets.  If we could afford it, I’d have that entire roof torn off and redone so it never leaks again.

     Since we often have a problem with the power going out in fractious weather, I cooked the bacon for our BLTs early in the afternoon.  This time our power stayed on much to our surprise.  I told DH it was because for once I was prepared for the worst.  I guarantee had I not cooked the bacon for our dinner the power would’ve gone out.  I will keep that in mind for future storms.

     I see we have some small tree branches down and there are a few plants in the garden that look like an elephant stepped on them.  Today is still gray so I’ll wait for clear skies before I go out and clean up the mess.  In the meantime, I have buckets to empty, walls to scrub, and more cussing to do.


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Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner --we have two, Avid gardener.

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  1. Oh dear, hope the cussing’s worse than the mess.

    LOL! It probably is.

  2. Hooray~! BACON POWER ~!!!

    It rocks ¡!¡

    That it does.

  3. Yeah, wasn’t that storm great fun?
    No roof leaks (aside here: Our roof didn’t leak until after we had the new one put on!) but we did have water in the basement. So . . . at 2 a.m. this morning, I was unpacking and setting up the sump pumps and hoses.
    And have you, uh, looked outside lately? There’s this big yellow-orange ball in the sky.
    Now get out there and clean up that mess! Chop, chop!!

    Not here there isn’t, we have clouds and more wind.

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