Nineties in mid September? This sucks.


     We’re having a weird, weird fall.  We’ve now broken all records of years with the most days in the nineties.  We’ve had fifty-five days of temperatures in the nineties this year not a good record in my opinion.  As I’ve said before if I wanted that sort of heat, I’d move south.  You don’t see me packing up and heading in that direction do you?

     I’d rather head up to northwestern NY State and live near my dear cousins and aunties than move south.  My apologies to my friends who reside in the south, but I’ve lived there and it’s too danged hot.  In addition, as the song says “All my exes live in…” and that’s more than enough to keep me north.

     I do hope that October is comfortable and doesn’t get too cold I’d hate not to be able to wear my new costume this year.  All I need to do now is figure out how we’re decorating the porch.

     Here’s hoping we have a gentle winter, a warm spring, and a normal summer next year.  We can certainly use them.

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  1. I don’t enjoy extremes in temps either and we have had such a terrible drought this summer — all the lawns are just dead since no one wants to use up the precious water just to make a green lawn. We’ve only watered the bushes, trees and perrenials. Hubs is happy since he doesn’t have to mow as much. This was the one thing about living in Belgium that I really enjoyed — it had mild temperatures all year long – never too cold and never too hot, alot of grey and alot of rain – but these past few 90 degree days have melted me and drained my energy. I love Fall but I dread the oncoming winter – you know me and ice… ah that is life. 😉

    I’m no fan of winter. However, now that we hired AJ to come and clear the walks both here and at the MIL’s house that helps lessen the dread. 🙂

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