Dryers, the inter-dimensional sock gateway?


     Sorting socks on laundry day is a dull, life-sucking task.  I hate sorting socks and would love it if they did it all by themselves.  However, there are some days where you feel as though you’ve stepped into the ‘inter-dimensional sock gateway zone’ when you find strange socks and miss some you swore you’d put in the wash.

     Does anyone else have a dryer that is an inter-dimensional sock gateway?  A few E-mails back and forth with Elena made me realize that I am not the only person who has one of these.  She told me that she had a pair of socks come out of her dryer that she didn’t recognize.  I often have that problem, as well as having socks periodically disappear into the IDSG void.  Most of them are DH’s since during the warm weather I seldom wear socks.

     Some people ask why it is that only socks do this.  The easy answer is because a dryer is an inter-dimensional sock gateway not an inter-dimensional clothes gateway.  Has anyone seen a super soft sage green sock?  I can’t find one of mine.  Check your dryer it might have beamed over there. 

     Once beamed into the IDSG do the socks turn into evil sock puppets that return here bent on taking over the earth? 

     Beware of strange sock puppets.

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  1. My human spends hours sorting the black from the navy blue. Does it go with that one or that one…. or maybe that one… how about that one….

    Have you told him that you’re colorblind yet?

  2. I solved the sock-matching issue by buying a dozen of the exact same pairs; black for my guy, white for me. So much easier! No thought required. However, that did NOT resolve the socks from disappearing and reappearing in the dryer.

    Yep, they like to travel but never in pairs…

  3. When socks disappear in the dryer they use the ISDG to reach the Hozone. Thank ‘Sniglets’ (Remember them?) for that one.

    Loved Sniglets!

  4. acording to Erma Bombeck a number of years ago the socks end up in a little old ladies dryer in N.J. somewhere

    Ah, I wonder if my sock made it okay…

  5. Erma B. was almost right – I’m the little old lady, but my dryer lives with me in Wisconsin. Does anyone claim the pair of strange white socks that showed up in my dryer?

    Not I…anyone?

  6. How about using a safety pin to pair up the socks before they go into the washer? I haven’t tried it yet but I’ve heard it works.

    I never can find safety pins when I need them and should I not remember to remove them DH will gripe.

  7. Not a dryer, but compare this short story of mine:

    Cute!!! Thanks for stopping by!

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