The Ampyra arrived and so it begins…


     After a complete cluster f***—it seems that the right hand had no idea what the left hand was doing.  Gazillion phone calls from DH to the insurance company, the drug company, the doctors’ offices, and back again to straighten things out, we got a phone call saying the drug was on its way.  Then another one saying it wasn’t.  More phone calls and finally the Ampyra was on its way (again) this time it arrived.

     Ampyra day one: DH’s Ampyra arrived at nine in the morning Thursday morning.  He took his first dose soon afterwards.  He’s supposed to take two a day twelve hours apart.  I’m not sure how long or how many doses it’ll take before he notices a difference, if there is a difference.  We’re hoping for some changes.  It’d be nice if his walking improved.

     We’ll give it a few days to a week to see if there is any change.  I’ll let you all know if there is.  Keep your fingers and toes crossed.  It would mean a lot to him if his walking improves.

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  1. The candle is lit and will stay lit. All my thoughts and love are with DH. Billy is walking on crossed toes – all four feet~!

    Thanks! Lots of pets to Billy.

  2. Mucho good luck to DH with the Ampyra. I’ll be waiting to hear the results.

    Thank you! I’m hoping to post good results.

  3. consider fingers,toes & even eyes crossed if that helps as well

    I think fingers and toes will work just fine…Thanks Sweetie!

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