Horror writers scare the crap out of me


     One would think that since I write murder mysteries, horror wouldn’t bother me.  One would be very wrong.  I’ve only read a couple Stephen King books (and had to turn all the lights on in the house), I have one old autographed Jack Ketchum (Dallas, you are a dear but your writing terrifies me), and now I own several autographed Jonathan Maberry books. 

     The minds of horror writers scare the living crap out of me.  I can describe a gory murder scene and stalk or be stalked by a killer through page after page.  However, things that go bump in the night, complete psychos, zombies, and werewolves intent on brutal, mindless massacre make my skin crawl. 

     Yet, I am reading Jonathan Maberry’s books because he so graciously autographed all of them for me when I won his basket.  (Thanks Jonathan, did I mention that live next to a cemetery?)

     The cemetery doesn’t normally bother me since those neighbors are very quiet.  We only worry about the live ones…or so I thought.  Then I read Jonathan’s books and he completely creeped me out more than once.  It may take a while before I’m comfortable again.

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  1. I do NOT like horror stories of any kind and WILL NOT for ANY price, read one. If I were to receive autographed copies in a basket I won, they would go on my bookshelf at home and I would carefully avoid any discussion of the books with the author. Those books do worse than creep me out, they truly frighten me. My son, on the other hand, LOVES Stephen King. Must be in his genes…..on his Dad’s side

    Must be. LOL!

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