DH is getting the Ampyra!


     At least three letters, the neurologist’s intervention, and dozens of phone calls and faxes later, DH will get his Ampyra.  What a total cluster f*** that was.  Now, if it works, and he walks better he will be over the moon.

     However, they only approved his meds for six months.  I’m betting we’ll have to go through the whole dance routine again when that rolls around.  Oh, what fun that will be…NOT!  I can’t understand the whole process.  They make you jump through enough hoops to qualify as a circus act and then they have the nerve to tell you yeah, you can have it, but only for six months.

     Why?  His condition isn’t going to change except maybe for the better and yet you want to toss him in the trash in six months?  This sort of thing sucks. 

     From the looks of it, even if there are sweeping changes in our health care system, there will always be someone denied the proper care or medications. 

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  1. It has nothing to do with his quality of life or his condition stabiizing or improving. The ONLY thing the insurance company is looking at is the cost.. Ampyra is expensive, so they don’t want to pay for it.
    Trust me on this. After almost 20 years of battling with one or another insurance company almost every day over covering a medications, I can tell you it always comes down to the $$$

    Of course it does…go back and read my post “It’s a racket”

    • I don’t need to go back and read it. I lived it. Remember?

      It’s funny how often insurance companies will not pay for a new drug, claiming there are more effective theraputic agents available, until the patent expires and the drug becomes available generically. Then, lo and behold!, it suddenly becomes an effective drug.
      And they will cover two drugs separately but not the same two drugs in the same dose combined into one tablet or capsule.
      Does everyone see the absurdity of this?

      I certainly do. It’s not only absurd but it sucks when someone you love is the patient getting screwed.

      • To you, he’s someone you love who is ailing and you want to see him well (or as well as he can be).

        To Megacallous Insurance, he’s #314857-950326-482531.

        Sad, isn’t it?

  2. I’m glad he’s getting the drug. Six months is stupid. Someone in that office HAS to be a control freak. They must have been told he had to be given the drug so he or she stipulated the 6 months to keep the reins in his or her own hands, that’s one scenario. So when it comes up again the neurologist should tell them no six months “trial period” either (if that was their excuse). The dang drug is just being marketed under a different name if I remember correctly and DH has been on that how long???? Sheesh…

    No, he hasn’t been on this before this is a brand new drug and they are fighting him being on it because of…as Dave said, the $$$

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