Is it a bear or Sasquatch?


     There’s a man, who walks his dog past our house.  Sometime in the future, he will be a character in one of my books.  He wouldn’t be a main character or even a minor character.  He’d be a walk on.

     He’d be one for one reason only and that is for the way he dresses or…um…doesn’t dress.  The only reason I dread hot weather is that this man wears teensy shorts and goes shirtless or he wears a tank top with his shorts.  It hit 92 degrees here yesterday.  Someone gimme some bleach because I need to scrub my eyeballs.

     Gentlemen, if you have more hair on your back than your Pekingese has on his whole body, wear a shirt.  If you are hairy enough all over to be mistaken for Sasquatch when you wear shorts and go shirtless in the summer, you need to put on long pants and a shirt in public.  Please not a tank top because that only emphasizes your hairiness. 

     If in addition to the hirsuteness, you have a beer belly that extends so far out you haven’t seen your feet in at least ten years, cover yourself.

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Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner--I have one at the present time, Avid gardener.

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  1. Is it owners resembling their dogs – or dogs resembling their owners? I can never remember!

    In this case the man resembles his dog.

  2. I soooooooo agree with you on this. Too much hair is unsightly, unattractive, and as you said can make a man look more like a dog than his dog does or Sasquatch himself. Ughhhhhhhhh….

    Ugh is right.

  3. Are you saying you don’t like hair-suit men?

    There’s hair-suit and then there’s hirsute. Chest hair is fine with me, but when the back hair. shoulder hair, and other hair we won’t mention right now (but remember he wears teensy shorts), makes one look like a wooly mammoth…ew!

  4. Does he have to shave his knuckles, too?

    Do they drag on the ground?

  5. If his knuckles drag on the ground wouldn’t that wear off that hair? LOL


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