When a chapter doesn’t work


     I’ve been writing the same chapter for a couple of weeks now.  It is not working.  The scene sucks big time.  The dialogue is mediocre, and the tension is flat.  So now what do I do?  First, I won’t completely scrap the darned thing because there might be something useful there.  (I seriously doubt it but you never know.)  I’ll cut it from the manuscript and paste it into a snippet file.  Then I’ll start over.

     Why do I have to begin again?  Because, in what I wrote there’s nothing that I find acceptable.  Yes, I hold myself to high standards.  I refuse to send it off in such poor condition.  Is there a doctor in the house?  Chapter twelve  is an ugly tumor that needs swift, skillful, surgical removal. 

     This is not a case of my little editor telling me to fix it.  No, my little editor read it and puked.  My muse even told me it was total crap and I know they are right…this time.

     I have no excuse.  I wrote the crap and now I am getting out the pooper scooper and clearing it off the pages.

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  1. Good for you. The pooper scooper is the only place for crap. Just let it go – you got it written and out of your system. It happens. Just as though you were writing on a deadline – you have to be quick to know when you are writing blindfolded down an endless dark street and jump off.

    Well, maybe I mixed a few metaphors, but what are they there for anyway?
    Here’s hoping for a sparkly dynamic super chapter to follow.

    I love mixed metaphors. All I can hope for now is that the new chapter 13 will work.

  2. And what about Chapter 12???

    Ummm, er….well…

  3. well…..deep subject, LOL

    A very deep subject! 😉

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