Are they there yet?


     I’d give my eye teeth for a week without the construction going on across the street.  Seriously, this has gone on for a year now, and I am truly suffering from sleepus interruptus.  Going to bed around 5 or 6 a.m. and having the noise start at 7 has worn thin.  I might’ve become used to the construction noise had it not been accompanied by one of the workers with a desire to be a singer.  The man has a tin ear and a voice that could grate coconut.

     I like to sleep with my window opened, but it’s been a year since I could do that.  Each day I hope that they’re finished.  Each day I am disappointed.  I feel like the kid in the car, ‘are we there yet?’ 

     The contractor never seems to finish one project before he starts another.  The problem with that is he has had to rip up work he’s already done on many occasions.  I have a feeling he’s a relative of the home owner. 

     He does lovely work.  However, I would’ve fired him by now.  A couple of days ago I got my hopes up because the front porch looked finished only to have them dashed this morning when I saw they were doing yet another project. 

     “Oh, to sleep, perchance to dream…”

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Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner--I have one at the present time, Avid gardener.

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  1. Your final quote here, very appropriate. I’ve been in areas with lots of construction, too. I don’t keep your hours but it is STILL a pita to wake up to, lol. Hope they quit soon, the weather is getting too nice.

    What scares me is I’m getting a little used to the construction noise… 🙄

  2. You’d have loved working in the bayou area I lived in. Except for the bugs, heat, humidity and cars that traveled 40 mph on a curvy dirt road that had a speed limit sign of 25, it was pretty peaceful most of the time. Well, on the other hand, I know how you are about heat and humidity, and I’m sure the bugs would have driven you…um, buggy, LOL.

    I’ll stay in Yankee territory tyvm…fewer bugs and never as hot and humid.

  3. Not just fewer bugs up north, they’re also smaller bugs. The size of the LA cockroaches are scarey and they fly!! Also some bug that looks like a relative of the grasshopper, called a lubber I think, is black with a red or yellow broken line down its entire back (indicating toxicity or poison). Those bugs were 3″ long from nose to end not counting the legs and of course they move just like the grasshopper does. Plus, they love bayou water….yuck. Their deer flies are huge and prevelent and the mosquitos, every time it rained which was quite often. Couldn’t get away from them without moving out of state.

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