Crossing Castle off my list of shows


     That’s it I’m done.  When Beckett tasted the drugs that they found in the locker, I was ready to throw a brick at the TV.  No *%$#^$ way!   The writers of the show seriously need to do some real research or talk to some honest to goodness live police officers. 

     Hell, Lee Lofland would love it if they came to him for advice or attended the Writers Police Academy.  Check out his link on my blogroll–Graveyard Shift.

     In the entire show, the only scene I enjoyed was the last one between Beckett and Castle.  Geez, that’s bad.  Most people who switched channels in disgust missed the best scene.  I was busy at the computer—yes, I walked away from the show.  Not far though since my computer is in the living room.  DH was still watching it and making derisive comments through to the end.

     The worst thing is that the premise of this show was good.  The writing however, sucked big time.  For me it means time to say bye bye to Castle.  I have better things to do with my time…like write.


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  1. Does this mean you’ll soon…

    (you fill in the rest!)

  2. I was shocked to read in Lee’s blog that the writer of this episode is a cop. Now what?

    I’m with you, there is so little to watch on tv that I actually thought about pulling the plug on the cable company, but then I’d have no tv at all. So, I’m sticking to nice comforting things like drag racing, Monster Trucks, and sports motorcycles. What’s a girl to do?

  3. castle is one show I’ve never watched so it don’t sound like I’ve missed much

  4. My husband and I were watching. When she slit open the bag of dope, he said, “Oh no, she’s not gonna…” But she did.

  5. Dave, yes I’ll soon have some writing finished.

    Elena, it was a total shock to me to find out a cop wrote that episode.

    Jim, the program was amusing and the police procedure had greatly improved but this last episode drove me away because all the improvements disappeared.

    Ramona, I said the same thing your husband did and when she actually tasted it, I walked away.

  6. I was surprised to find so many other reviewers considered this one of Castle’s better episodes.

    I was too. I had a problem with it because of my own background and expertise. I found it far too technically flawed and it completely disappointed me because they have a great many resources to go to to make certain that it correct.

  7. I’m surprised this is one of Castle’s better reviewed episodes. After reading your and lee’s sentiments about this episode, and I wondered if anyone else shared your dissapointment. Surpisingly, I haven’t heard a single negative word against it.

    I’ve heard from a few people who found it disappointing.

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