Hunting with multiple sclerosis is not easy


     Dear Hubby’s MS truly kicked his butt this past week.  DH had a rough week.  He wasn’t able to walk too far from the cabin to hunt.  He’s over tired and not getting around well.  I think he was glad that they cut their hunting trip a little short.  Instead of hunting all day today, they packed it in around noon.  They decided to head home, rather than stay another night, and drive home in the morning.  The weather was beginning to turn and they had a long drive ahead of them. 

     R called me to tell me that DH’s driving was sub par and DH was ten minutes away from home.  He asked that I please have DH call him so he knew he made it home safe. 

     It will probably take DH a week to recover from the hunting trip.  I do wish he’d been able to get a deer on this hunt because the way things look so far, it was probably his last one.  This is something he’s done since his father handed him his first rifle as a child.  For a few years, he went hunting with his father.  They weren’t close.  The only thing they did together was hunt and even that didn’t last long.  He spent many more years hunting with R.

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  1. I know this is no consolation but at lot of people wouldn’t have gone at all. Hugs to you both (and Gavin and Patty!)

  2. I am so glad he is home safely. What an immensely difficult time for both of you.

  3. Thanks for sharing. While on the mountain this weekend I was SOOO tired I slept for almost 2 hours curled up in the snow. My husband was so sweet to watch over me. The cold on my legs made the ‘sparks’ go away, and I finally felt good enough to walk out. Last year I’d walk 5-6 miles easy, this year only 30 minutes before sitting. Came to town to rest up a couple days and try again Saturday for my elk. It’s always tough being the only girl in camp, and really don’t want any special treatment because of my new MS, but my brain gets so full of anxiety pressure and grief that this may be one of my last seasons. I can’t cry at camp – this is that special week the fellas plan for enjoy so much! Hug your DH – you both inspire me to keep moving – I’ll cherish extra steps with you guys in my heart.

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