Black Friday our way

     Dear Hubby and I will be staying close to home.  As in, we aren’t going anywhere today.  DH will sit in his lounge chair and watch TV with Patty.  Gavin will snooze in his chair.  Yes, Gavin has his very own chair.  It’s behind my desk chair so he can be close but not trying to get on my lap while I work. 

     What will I do?  Between running the dogs out whenever they decide that they must go.  (Yes, the dogs are in charge.)  It’s a perfect day to curl up with a good book—or write one.

       I look forward to a full coffee pot and meals on paper plates so there are no dishes for me to do.

     I spent too many years in retail to consider going anywhere near a store today.  I no longer have the patience to deal with rude people, imbeciles, and screaming lunatics. 

     If we’re extremely lucky, the neighbor’s idiot kid won’t spend the afternoon gunning his car for hours on end and we’ll have a quiet day.  They rent, we’re looking forward to the day they move.  In fact, when that happens we’ll have a party to celebrate.

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  1. We’re staying home, too. My problem with Black Friday is crowds. I abhor them anytime, anyplace. Which is why I avoid fairs and amusement parks like they’re plague reservoirs. After moseying along for five minutes behind the shambling herd, I’m ready to grab people by the scruff of the neck and relocate them to either side so I can walk without shuffling.
    I dislike browsers almost as much as crowds. If you don’t know what you want–what style, color, size, etc.–don’t stand there pawing every item on the shelf until one strikes your fancy. Go away and come back when you know exactly what you want then grab it and go.
    My other beef with Black Friday is the absurd opening hours stores have–5:30 am, 4 am, one store here opened at midnight! Like MW, I worked retail for many years (over 35) and I refuse to patronize any store that treats its employees so callously.
    Nope, we’ll stay home today, have our turkey, and decorate our house for Christmas.

  2. We avoided the stores too; content to stay home and fill the house with food smells. What were we Thankful for? Our two rescues, Tiger-dog and Sparkle-dog, or the walking-stomach and the broom-chaser. Glad to see your bully, looks like a sweetie!

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