I peeled myself from the ceiling


     So there I was working away on my book when a loud BANG shook the house.  It sounded as if a mortar had gone off in our driveway.  After I peeled myself from the ceiling, I cussed a bit because with the BANG, the power went out.  I looked at my computer monitor’s black screen, shrugged, and thought, “so much for writing.” 

     It was a few minutes before five and the dogs were hungry.  So was I.  Oh, great.  At least they could eat I don’t have to cook their food.  I fed the dogs while Dear Hubby called the power company—we were the 28th call in the few minutes after the BANG.  DH lit all the kerosene lamps.  I went out to talk to the neighbors who were gathering out on the sidewalks.  We all tried to figure out what had exploded.

     I saw G come home and went over to her house.  SHE HAD POWER.  First thing I said to her when she came to the door was “KMA, woman!  You have power.”  She laughed.  They always seem to have power when ours goes out.  They are less than a half block away from us but they are on another line.  However, I got the last laugh.  She was cooking their dinner.  Dear Hubby was ordering pizza.

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  1. Zowie wow, batman! What a frustrating half block except for the pizza. Hope you were restored soon and without damage.

    Had a house that lost power along with the houses on each side of me when no one else did. Power company not interested, so I kept a score card and discovered when there was a bad storm in Dalton, 90 miles north, we lost power.
    Got hold of engineer who delightedly confirmed it and put the three of us on the local grid. He researched it and found that our area had been a huge farm owned by a Dalton family long before electricity. When power arrived he had his land linked by private lines to his main home in Dalton. When electricity became a utility they just followed the existing lines without thinking and we remained attached to a power source 90 miles north of us for a good 70 years – or until I got curious.

    • Sometimes curiosity doesn’t kill the cat …it causes change?

      I couldn’t believe that mere minutes before the pizza arrived so did the power. Last time it was at least five hours before we had the power back.

  2. happy your power came back on so quick – mmmnnn pizza

    Woodrow – Sweetie – MJ

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