Healthy dog and no oven light


     As we begin a new week, I’m happy to note that Gavin seems to be back to 100%.  There is no swelling in his face or neck and he’s been full of himself all day with this cooler weather.  He’s felt so good that he completely wound up Patty.  I’m lucky to have a stick left standing in the house.  What a pair of loons.

     The light in my oven blew tonight.  The original light that came with the oven several years back.  The oven is a wall oven and the light is in the back, I’m short I can’t reach it without a ladder.  Hell, I can’t reach it WITH a ladder.

     Dear Hubby decided to come to the rescue.  He removed the light cover and went to remove the bulb.  The bulb broke at the base.  No, the potato trick wouldn’t work.  We can’t get the base of the light out.  It is well and truly stuck, and now quite a mess, since he tried to remove it with tools.  He tried pliers, needle nosed pliers, even a friggin’ chisel for heaven’s sake.  I have no light in my oven.  I have a mangled, completely stuck, base of a light bulb, but no light.

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  1. Spray a little pam or something around it. I’ll check with MacGyver he knows everything.

  2. A possibility is a wad of air drying clay. Force it into the base leaving enough for a good grip. Let it dry and try – it will either break off (leaving you much the way you were) or it will turn. Look for a clay that doesn’t shrink.

    Hooray for Gavin, this is the weather to howl. Billy and Mr. Beckett are terrorizing the house and porch in the cooler weather.

  3. so glad Gavin is okay – sorry about your oven light – you might want to try some type of clay – those bulbs have to be pushed in and turned usually to get them out if you use the clay let it dry you might be able to get it out

    Woodrow – Sweetie – MJ

  4. New Oven!
    I have a in the wall oven too. Would love to have this happen….I want a new one. But, MacGyver keeps fixing it. Dang it!

    • Oh no, not a new one this one isn’t that old. I love my oven although right now with no light it’s a royal pain. Somehow DH will get the light bulb base out, hopefully without damaging the socket. However, he can’t work on it for long because his MS makes it tough to do. He hasn’t given up–yet.

  5. Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking your feeds too now, Thanks.

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