Off to the oral surgeon for Dear Hubby


     DH has two phobias.  His worst one is dentists and some day I might reveal his other phobia. 

     A couple of days ago he fell and in the process managed to break what few remaining teeth he has.  (I didn’t know this until he finally broke down and told me yesterday.)  Mr. Chicken didn’t want me to call a dentist at the time so he kept quiet.  He finally told me because he’s in a lot of pain.  Of course, it’s the weekend when he tells me.

     I knew the pain had to be bad when DH asked for the name of the oral surgeon who removed a couple of his teeth a few years back.  I gave him the name and phone number and he’ll call the guy tomorrow.  Oh, yeah he’s hurting if he plans to call first thing in the morning and not have me do it.

     Because of his MS, he’s already on heavy doses of pain meds.  They aren’t helping him right now.  Another problem with having the teeth broken is that he’s most likely developed an infection, which is causing him to have double vision.  That is his usual MS reaction to infections of any sort.

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