Evolving into a water creature


     I may be a Pisces but I don’t want to turn into a fish.  When I woke up today, I thought I saw the beginnings of webs growing between my toes.  I checked myself in the mirror for fear I may have some rudimentary gills erupting too.  Is that moss covering my north side?  Am I growing mold?  Scifi or Darwin?  You decide.  All I know is, I want at least a week straight of sunny weather.

     Since April, we’ve had 43 days of rain.  Yes, I said 43 days of rain.  It’s no wonder my yard is a swamp.  When we actually do have a day of sun everybody stops, looks at the sky, and wonders if we should make a sacrifice to Ra.  I forget what does the sky look like without clouds?

     Farmers around here are worried that we are getting too much rain.  I know if we had more sun I might have more green tomatoes on my plants but with all the rain a lot of the blossoms have dropped off the plants.  I’m glad that some tomatoes had time to set, but at this sunless rate, they may never ripen.

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Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner--I have one at the present time, Avid gardener.

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  1. Glug, yuk – 43 days is uncalled for!!!!!
    We’re pretty well balanced here, but just south of here the farmers are hard hit too. Hope you have your week of sun soon.

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