Things my Bull Terriers have eaten that they shouldn’t have


Patty’s towel incident prompted me to write this post.  Our first BT, Danny had a taste for rocks, socks, and shoes.  I had a lovely pair of suede boots that he chewed to bits in less than five minutes.  Dear Hubby had a habit of leaving socks on the bedroom floor, a habit he soon broke after Danny pooped one out.

Our second BT, Joey liked to chew on wood.  He redid the woodwork around the doors.  He ate my bentwood rocker and redesigned the rungs on a couple of wooden stools.  He also ate his Varikennel.

BT number three was Malcolm.  Malcolm ate a Superball, which resulted in major surgery and a vet bill that’d make you faint.  He would chew the covers off tennis balls in less than a minute.  He too had a taste for wood and added his own touches to Joey’s artistic endeavors.  Malcolm ate a four-foot section of lamp cord, which he, luckily for him, had pulled out of the wall socket first.

BT number four, Mercy is the one who ate the back off the sofa from her crate.  No one has topped that feat of legerdemain.

BT number five, Sadie managed to eat a five foot by 4 foot square section of linoleum flooring one night.  This is why I now have a ceramic tile floor in the kitchen.

BT number six, Gavin has been the least destructive BT we ever had.  He’s stubborn, dominate, and demanding, but the least destructive.  The only thing he wants to eat is food any sort of food at any time.  Surprisingly, he is not over weight but then I do watch his diet carefully.

BT number five, Patty eats her bedding.  She’s chewed blankets, fake lambskins, and the last thing was that towel, that $448.00 towel.

BT number six, our new rescue, Lucy loves to chew holes in blankets. Nibbles on the backs of The Curmudgeon’s slippers when she can snatch them away from the side of his chair. Who knows what else we’ll find out about her in the years to come.

Silly boy MalcolmMalcolm the ham.

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  1. I feel your pain – Woodrow ruptered his bowel last year – eneded up in the hospital for over a month with a $37,000 bill, 4 Surgeries. Was told several times he wasnt going to make it – its a year later and he is fine – and still trying to eat crap!!!

    Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ

    • OH NO! So glad to hear Woodrow made it through. My neighbor lost her BT to a ruptured bowel. That one ate some hard plastic toys. She was so stoic no one even knew she had a problem until it was too late.

      Woodrow dear, please make it easier on your Mommy and leave the crap alone!

    • Exactly the same with Woodrow – he was so sick – but was still escaping from his cage in the hospital, play bowing at the vets, demanding walks pulling whole time – with a central line, 4 iv’s, and 3 drains after the 4th surgery in 2 weeks. The vets were so amazed that they actually wrote an article about him.

      Deb (Wood’s Mom )

  2. Wow, I’m impressed! That’s one enterprising breed. And, I feel lucky – the worst I had was Tiffany (GSD/GR) who was determined to find out if China really is on the other side of the planet from us. This scientific curiosity led her to the ancient row of creepy boxwoods across the front of the house that I didn’t want anyway. By the time she got done, the remainders were removed for about a third of the original removal estimate. Gota love a dog like that!

  3. Deb, I’m betting our vet (who is also my neighbor’s vet) read that article and was probably saying, “Yes, yes. Those dogs are too tough for their own good.”
    He’s called every day this week to check on Patty.

  4. I can’t believe I forgot to put down the one thing Gavin did eat that he shouldn’t have. He ate his Godmom’s amethyst earring! He was about ten weeks old at the time. She had him in her arms and the idiot dog snagged it right out of her earlobe. I called her two days later and told her I had a magical dog who pooped jewels. After carefully cleaning the earring and soaking it in rubbing alcohol I returned it to her.

  5. I went through this with EmmaLou when she ate an entire leather glove. Vet made her throw it up using Hydrogen Peroxide. Not pretty but saved us a ton not having to do surgery. Our fur-children can be worse than children at times. Hey – EmmaLou swallowed and pooped out a diamond earring of mind and you’re darned right I watched and waited and retrieved and cleaned!!! Hugs!

    • Had I realized Patty had eaten the towel before it was down too far into her digestive track I’d have used the HP method of retrieval. I’ve used it on many an occasion with the dogs with great success. Thing is, you have to KNOW they ate the damned thing in the first place.

  6. All I can say is again~~~ Gotta love them Bull Terriers. haha

  7. Ah yes I forgot about the tennis balls EmmaLou has chewed the covers from — and I must say the one thing she has missed is the vinyl flooring in the kitchen – but it is high end vinyl and looks very much like quarry tile so maybe she’s been tricked? Hmmm. I doubt it; she just hasn’t gotten to it yet. And why would you buy a $448.00 towel? That must have been one heckuva soft, special, fluffy ginormous towel! LOL

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