Malcolm’s Mayhem 14


(Someone asked me if I was ever going to do more Malcolm’s Mayhem stories.  So I thought I’d post another one tonight.)

     There is no such thing as an indestructible toy.  It’s true, I speak from experience, Bull Terrier ownership, and I have the vet bills to prove it.  There is no toy made that a BT can’t destroy in minutes. 

     Dear hubby came home with a large rubber toy one day.  The labeling on the box claimed it to be made of indestructible English rubber.  He was excited to have found a toy that Malcolm couldn’t destroy.  Me, well I was skeptical about the whole deal.  I’d seen him pop a professional basketball in two seconds.  This dog thought a bowling ball was a chew toy.

     Therefore, I made a bet with DH.  If Malcolm didn’t destroy the toy, I’d wash his truck.  If he did destroy it, DH owed me a dinner out at the restaurant of my choice.  He pulled the toy from its box with a flourish.  Malcolm danced around him giving him gimme, gimme barks.  DH tossed the toy into the air.  Malcolm caught it, and took off like a shot.

     Five minutes later, I was getting dressed to go out dinner.  DH was cleaning up little pieces of indestructible English rubber.  Dang, I loved that dog!

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Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner--I have one at the present time, Avid gardener.

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  1. I can destroy everything too – and Mommy bets on me too – she says i need to pay my way.


  2. I do hope a nummy doggie bag came home with you! ROTFL

  3. I understand.
    I’ve tried to tell other people, explain it, show little toy shreds – nothing, just daft incomprehension and “not this toy!” as they toss it down (against my wishes). By the time I’ve walked to the kitchen for a plastic bag and back, my guest is usually very amenable to picking up the remains.

  4. “Best trained”? Yeah right, when he wasn’t clowning around trying to get the attention he thought he deserved by being the best ham he could be, rofl. I have to admit though, that crawling forward in the ‘down’ position is a pretty talented feat, lol.

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