Time for another MIL update


     I’m not sure if I mentioned before that my mother in law had broken the other femur quite a few years back.  Well, because of that broken femur or the present one, it seems that one leg is shorter than the other is.  They have fitted MIL with braces and they seem to be helping her walk a lot better than she has for years.  Chalk up one for the new doctors.

     Her PTs  told Dear Hubby that if she continues at this rate she might get to go home soon.  Although when he asked what their definition of soon was they sort of hemmed and hawed and never did give him a straight answer.  MIL is determined and she desperately wants to be back in her own home.  I’m certain she is beyond sick and tired of being in the rehab hospital.

     I’m going to have buy her more candy for her basket DH says the level is falling rapidly.  (At least MIL doesn’t have diabetes and can use a bit of weight.  She’s quite thin.)  DH says she’s enjoying the chocolates and in particular the dark ones with raspberry inside.  I guess we’ll double up on those this time.

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  1. I hope the chocolates lift her spirits and that she gets to return to her own home soon – there is no place like your own little home! Stop by my blog – I left a surprise there for you!!! Hugs!

  2. How could you do that to me???? Dark chocolate with raspberry inside!!!! The stuff of which dreams are made 🙂

    Good for MIL, hope she gets sprung soonest.

  3. Good news! I bet she is getting tired of being there, I know I would be!


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