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     Wow, my hits passed the 30,000 mark…Thank you dear readers.

     It almost felt as though winter was tapping us on the shoulder again yesterday.  Today was a bit warmer and tomorrow is supposed to be warmer yet.  At least I should be able to get out to do a little yard work. 

     I took the pups for walks today they both enjoyed meeting and greeting some of the neighbors who happened to be out.  Gavin was shyly sucking up for neck scratches and showed off his paw shaking skills for cookies.  It’s a good thing I’d preloaded my pockets before we went for his walk.  Then I took Patty out.  Gavin will mosey along while Patty wants to keep up a fast pace, places to go, people to see, smells to smell—let’s move it, Mom.  She is more on the boisterous side when it comes to meeting and greeting people.  They love her enthusiasm when she does ‘stick ‘m up’ for them…or rather for the cookies.  Yes, I did fill my pockets again.

     Dear Hubby is so tired.  I do hope they release his mother from the Rehab hospital before I leave for my writers’ conference in mid May.  If not, he’ll probably have to get some help with her dog during the time I’m gone so he doesn’t have to run over there twice a day.  Our two dogs can be enough of a handful for him when he’s not tired.

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Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner--I have one at the present time, Avid gardener.

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  1. I know what you mean about winter tapping our shoulders. Over the weekend it was almost 80 degrees here and Tooters and I got to do lots of bike riding. Then yesterday morning it was 27 when we left the house. What the heck bring me back my spring!!! Hope DH and his mom start doing better my prayers are going out to you

  2. It is trying very hard to be Spring here, too and that just makes me jump with joy – okay maybe not jump but at least get up out of my recliner. I will keep your family in my prayers. It’s nice meeting you – thanks for visiting my humble blog! Cheers!

    • doggonedmysteries

      How about I jump for both of us?

      With warmer weather, I get out of the house more and working in my gardens is my stress relief valve.

      I was delighted to find your blog you made me giggle and that’s worth plenty in my book.

  3. Gavin sounds like Feather, content to mosey, Patty sounds like Darla & Pappy, busy, busy, busy. I’m starting to think it’s a difference in the Coloreds and Whites.

  4. Oh well, guess that shot that idea out the window. LOL

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