Monthly Archives: February 2009

MIL and Buckethead

     Dear Hubby’s mom had a busy day today with her physical therapist and I was told she did pretty darned well.  DH was in to see her and said she’s looking good.

     Gavin is getting so used to backing into his crate with the E-collar on that it’s rather funny.  He’s almost destroyed the second E-collar banging about in his crate while arranging his bedding to his satisfaction.  Listening to that you’d think he was playing with a baseball bat in there.   There will soon be more duct tape than E-collar.  I’m anxiously waiting for the new E-collars to arrive–I hope they get here in time. 

     Patty would sure like him to play with her but the vet said keep him quiet and DO NOT allow them to play.  Our vet knows these two well enough to be certain that if they are allowed to play together he’ll be redoing stitches in no time.  

     I’m still running on naps and a few hours of sleep a night.  DH has been getting a good night’s sleep for the last several nights so at least one of us is well rested.


Fast forward to Rehab hospital

     When Dear Hubby talked to his Mom yesterday morning, she was paranoid and incoherent. During the night, they’d given her blood and she’d pulled out the IV.

     Today when he saw her, she was lucid and quite chipper. Much to our surprise, they moved her to the rehab hospital late this afternoon. It seems too soon to me especially after the condition she was in yesterday.

     We have no idea how long she’ll be in there but at least it’s very close to our house so DH won’t have to drive as much.

Mother-in-law and Buckethead’s update

     DH went to the hospital to see his mother today.  They had her sitting up in a chair already.  He said she had good color and seemed quite chipper.  She was alert but kept insisting that she was at our house yesterday.  It’s my belief that she probably dreamed it.  They have her on some pretty heavy pain killers and antibiotics.  It’s been difficult to keep track of her because it seems the hospital is playing musical rooms with the woman.  Every time DH calls or goes there she’s in a different room. 

      Gavin is recovering nicely.  He must’ve lost the strange veterinary hospital smell because Patty was sniffing around his crate today without a single hair on her back raised.  She even tried to get him to play and made an attempt to facilitate Gavin’s escape from his crate.  She was mouthing  the latch on the door trying to open it.  Poor pups, they can’t play together until after his stitches are removed and even then they will be strictly supervised for a while to make sure Patty leaves his ear alone.

For your amusement, pics of Gavin the Buckethead

Quick update

     Dear Hubby’s mom had surgery to repair her femur today.   So far things are going well.   As for any other injuries, I think they will tell us about them tomorrow.  Their biggest concern was her broken femur and getting her stabilized.

     DH and I are still running on very little sleep although he finally looks as though he might get a decent amount tonight.  His best friend is helping out with Mom’s dog  by taking him out and feeding him in the evening, so we now have one less trip to make over there a day.

     Gavin is on his second Elizabethan collar and that one is looking pretty ragged already.  I found a place online to order more  at a much lower price than what I paid the vet’s office for the two we have…er had.  His first one is destroyed–no amount of duct tape is going to hold that one together any more and we still have at least two weeks to go.

An even looooonger day

     I don’t think I’ll be posting for at least a few days.  Dear Hubby’s 81 year old mother took a terrible fall down her cellar steps.  Thank goodness he found her soon afterwards.  She’s in critical condition.  Now between hospital runs, runs to her house to take care of her Border Terrier, and one of us having to stay with Gavin (and Patty) to keep him from messing with his ear…well, life has gone from hectic to chaotic.   Is there such a thing as sleep?

A very loooong day

    Gavin was fussy most of the night last night and today. Sleep? No, I didn’t get much. I’ve taken a new direction tonight to try to ease Gavin’s distress. I brought my CD player down, set it on top of his crate, and I have Mozart playing at a low volume. I’m hoping this keeps him soothed and quiet long enough for us to get a bit of sleep.

    The poor baby is having a rough time with that E-collar. However, there’s no way he can go without it because he’d definitely dig at his ear and rip out the stitches.

    I might not be posting for a few days due to exhaustion and lack of time. I will try but I’m not guaranteeing anything right now.

    The vet said it could take up to twenty one days for Gavin’s ear to heal and if each day turns out as hectic and long as today, I’ll need at least a solid week of sleep to recover.

Buckethead is home

     We picked Gavin up around 3:30 this afternoon.  Poor, baby.  He was dopey and didn’t like his new attire one bit.  He has an Elizabethan collar on to keep him from messing with the ear.  We sure don’t need him ripping out the stitches.  His feet look terrific with the new manicure, and his teeth are gleaming white.

     Once we got him in the house, all Gavin wanted to do was sprawl out on the kitchen floor next to Dear Hubby and whine out his tales of woe.  This went on for quite a while.  Then he dozed off with his buckethead on DH’s lap.  Poor DH told me his butt was going numb.  He finally eased Gavin’s head off his lap and onto the blanket.  We thought, “Great, he’ll sleep for a while.”  Nope.  Within minutes, he was whining again and DH was back on the floor with him.  Where was I?  I was trying to feed Patty, take her out, fix our dinner, and let friends know Gavin was home.

     We had to feed Gavin in stages to make sure he could keep food down after the anesthesia.  He had no problem in that area.  However, the E-collar was such a distraction for him he couldn’t relieve himself while it was on.  We took it off to feed him and take him out and Gavin had no trouble.  He also learned how to back into his crate with his buckethead by the third time out.  He’s sound asleep and snoring now.  Let’s hope the healing is quick.

Gavin is hospitalized

      I am a wreck. My Gavin baby isn’t home he’s in the veterinary hospital. We took him to the vet this evening. They are keeping Gavin overnight. Tomorrow they’ll fix the hematoma in his ear that his sister so nicely gave him. While they have him knocked out he’ll also get his teeth cleaned, have a wart removed, and his claws trimmed. We figured we might as well have it all done at once since I really hate to have him put under anesthesia.

    Baby sister Patty was looking for him when we came home. Therefore, to distract her and to tire her out we had her play fetch with her two favorite canvas squeaky toys until she was ready to drop. (She can’t play with them when Gavin is around—he’ll destroy them.) She’s now passed out and snoring.

    We are supposed to call the office tomorrow around eleven a.m. to see when Gavin can come home. This should be interesting since he’ll have to wear an Elizabethan collar for a while. I can hear Dear Hubby now calling Gavin such things as Bucket Head and Cone Head. Gavin doesn’t care what you call him as long as you call him for dinner.

DVD marathon

 We didn’t watch the Superbowl. Instead, we had a DVD movie marathon. We had two movies to watch and I told Dear Hubby to pick which one to watch first. He chose The Mummy, Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Since I’d gone with a friend to see it in the theater I supposed, it’d be a good time for me to get the dinner dishes done and not miss anything. I figured correctly, I could easily remember each scene without having to sit still and watch it.

    I was looking forward to the second movie, one I hadn’t already seen, Hellboy 2. I have to say that even though some of the critics had thumbs down on the film, I enjoyed it. Nevertheless, I like movies in this vein.

    I’m not into the flavor of the day, which seems to be blood and gore slasher films. I can’t stand them. Nor am I into romantic comedies, or today’s comedy films, which I find to be not funny at all.

    DH loves westerns, I don’t. I love mysteries, sci-fi, fantasy, and action films. I admit it I’m a strange woman.

I’ve had it, let the spring cleaning begin!

    Enough of these arctic clippers, freezing cold, snow, and ice, enough I say. I figure that if I begin to spring clean this house it might bring with it warm temperatures. Yes, I know it’s wishful thinking on my part.

    However, there is a downside to this. With my luck, if I thoroughly scrub the floors, walls, everything I can scrub, we’ll get a huge thaw and my yard will become a muddy swamp. The dogs will romp through the worst of it and track the whole yard inside. Well, damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead I am sick enough of this weather to gamble. I’ll take muddy paw prints over the cold any time.

    Today I cleaned the refrigerator, oven, stove top, microwave, and all the stuff that sits on the counters. This meant moving everything off the countertops and ridding the kitchen of some clutter. Yes, I said clutter. I don’t know why but my kitchen is a clutter magnet. It attracts it as the back porch light brings moths.

    Tomorrow I hope to finish the rest of the kitchen. Mind you, I said hope to. Cleaning and waxing the cabinets is time consuming so the floors might have to wait one more day.