Bottom Line Books scam

     My mother in law is eighty-one years old.  Her vision is poor and she doesn’t read.  She’s never read more than a few books.  This is a great sorrow for me, a writer. 

     However, Bottom Line Books has relentlessly billed her for books that she never ordered, never received, and didn’t want.  They’ve even sent her to collection through the North Shore Agency, Inc. 

     Dear Hubby spent three days on the phone calling North Shore trying to get through their maze.  After bouncing from one number to another and spending hours at a time in the phone, he at last talked to a human.  He told the person that he was a retired Police Officer.  His mother hadn’t ordered the books.  She didn’t receive or want them, and was being fraudulently billed.  He explained that he’d researched both their company and client and that he understood that they provide a service that some people don’t like.  He added that as a Police Officer, he was often disliked and unappreciated.  The person passed his call to her manager.  Dear Hubby suggested to the manager that they check into their clients’ background before they accept a job.  The collection they were doing on his mother was bogus.  The manager told him they’d take care of it and deleted my MIL from their list.

     The manager did a search for any more collections from Bottom Line Books listed at my MIL’s address.  A few seconds later, she said, “here’s another collection for Bottom Line at that residence it has a different first name.” 

     Dear Hubby chuckled and told them, “I’m sure he’d be glad to pay the bill but it will be hard to reach him.  The delivery charge might be a bit steep and his current residence has no zip code, unless it’s the dead letter office.  He’s been deceased for over ten years.”  The collection agency manager weakly replied, “No problem we’ll take care of that one as well.”

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  1. I had a similar problem when my mother died. I started getting calls from a collection agency claiming she owed over $8,000 for medications that were sent to her during her stay at a nursing home.

    Problems with this? She never went to a nursing home, and the medications were never requested. Also, whoever was claiming the debt never sent a bill. The collector gave in and put me through to a man who turned out to be the owner.

    Upshot – I pointed out that I had no legal responsibility for any debts she incurred and that there was no estate to go after. I also told the guy that unless he was part of this fraud, which I did intend to go after, he ought to be more cautious about taking clients.

    He wound up so scared that he provided me with the information he had about the company and promised me he was cutting all ties with them.

    Turned out to be two pharmacists who had a history of this sort of thing, but had never even been indicted. This time their luck ran out. In their late 60’s they found out what life in prison was like, to say nothing about what happens when the IRS finds out you’ve been messing with them for years.

  2. michael donohuer

    I have problem with bottom line books they sent me a book .
    and I did not order it . so when it came to my door Iput returen to sender .
    now I recevie a bill in the mail demonding payment for book .
    and the bill is for$ 47.95 and they want three payments
    some scam even since I’ve send back the book real scandal and scam.!!!!!!
    Michael Donohue.

  3. doggonedmysteries

    It saddens me to see the number of hits this post gets on a daily basis. 105 to date. If this is any indication of how many people have been ripped off by Bottom Line Books then somebody seriously needs to put these people out of business.

  4. doggonedmysteries

    Since January I’ve had another 150 hits on this post. I do wish half of them had commented. If you’ve been victimized by this scam, call your State’s Attorney General and report them. Call the Better Business Bureau! Please do whatever you can to help put this scam out of business. Stand up for yourselves and be careful out there, there’s always someone new looking to take you for whatever they can.

  5. I just got a set I never ordered, so the first thing I did was look online. I didn’t open them, so I’m refusing the package, but it sounds like it won’t stop there. If I do get any sort of bill, I will definately report it to the authorities.

  6. doggonedmysteries

    Dave, it doesn’t stop there. Be prepared, especially when they decide to send you to collection as they did my MIL. As I said, she didn’t even get the damned books which she NEVER ordered so had nothing to send back as refused. All she received was the bills and threatening letters. I wish you luck.

  7. Hi doggonedmysteries,

    Thanks for what you are doing. I had a feeling they were taking advantage of people.

    I purchased a book 6 months or so ago. Then a month ago, I received a book I did not order. I did not open it and the post office returned it. I received a bill yesterday. I am starting my legal file. I bring predators to court. I am tired of this type of abuse. We all need to fight this stuff to have it stopped.



    • Good for you Sharon! Fight them tooth and nail. I’ve had 210 hits on this one post alone so that tells me a lot about how they scam people. If I had the energy to join you I would, but with DH’s MS, his mother’s fall in Feb. and consequent problems we’re having with the rehab hospital, I have enough on my plate.

  8. As of today, I’ve had almost 500 hits on this post. What does this tell you?

  9. This has happened to me twice with Bottom Line Books. I ended up paying just to get them off my backs. Now I have received another invoice for a book I did not order nor receive with threats to collection. I am not paying this time. It’s time for WAR.

    • Go for it! I’m sick of predators taking advantage of people.

    • Jimmy Kellhorn

      This is the problem. If you pay them, they just keep sending more books and more bills. If you send the book back, they take the book and send it to someone else, and they pretend that they never received the book back from and continue to bill you for the same book. If you don’t pay, they send your account to a collection agency, which then puts a negative mark on your credit report for 7 years. I am sending their book back by certified mail, but it is very expensive. At least this way I will have proof that I sent it back to them, and that I sent along a letter telling them to never send me anything in the mail ever again. So when the collection agency comes after me, I will have the certified mail receipts showing that they received it.

      That’s one way to do it. We managed to get rid of them and saved the MIL’s credit. They really do need to be put out of business so don’t forget to also make a report to the better business bureau.

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