Another great TV show bites the dust

     As I watched Boston Legal tonight, it was with a heavy heart.  Though I took delight in the show itself, I sorrowed over the loss of it.  Tonight was the last episode of one of the best shows ABC has presented us in years.

     I will miss the passionate Alan Shore, the zany ‘mad cow’ afflicted Denny Crane, the calm Shirley Schmidt, and the rest of the charmingly offbeat characters in the cast.

     The show’s adept writers created a program that handled scores of sensitive subjects.  They dealt with racism, women’s rights, gay rights, disabilities, sexual harassment, and many other issues but they handled it well.  The characters steam rolled through with humor, sensitivity, love, and in Denny’s case political incorrectness and guns.

     What is ABC replacing this marvelous show with you ask?  One of those shows that doesn’t require writers or actors of any intelligence or ability.  They will be presenting us with another brainless reality show.  Not a show that draws you in and brings you to tears of joy or grief for characters you grow to love or hate.

     Instead of talented actors/actresses who deliver clever lines of impeccable dialogue that takes you to their world, you will get to watch another simple-minded show. 

     I can picture the network big wigs discussing expenses and coming up with, “Why spend money?  Why not put great writers and actors out of work and replace them with low budget, no talent idiocy.  The public won’t care.”

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  1. Another reason I am sad to see it go is because it was one of the few shows that depicted people over 50. Not only that, but it could also be watched by people like me (18 year old College student) who love it. I’m gonna miss Denny and Alan on the balcony. I have a post about Boston Legal. It was for my Journalism class, but you may like it.

  2. doggonedmysteries

    Yes, the two of them on the balcony are a hoot. There are many of us who are IN that ‘over 50’ group who find TV shows without plot or purpose far from entertaining. Last week’s BL stated our plight to perfection.

  3. Sadly missed! One of the best series ever (60 years of TV watching!) It seems that anything requiring some level of intelegence and an attention span beyond that of a gnat doesn’t stand a chance. Sigh…….

    It sucks doesn’t it?

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