Malcolm’s Mayhem 12

     Bull Terriers will eat almost anything.  I worked in a vet’s office for a while which, more than once, turned out to be fortunate for us.  When he was young, Malcolm had the typical Bull Terrier habit of chewing on and eating things he shouldn’t.

     One day Malcolm managed to unplug a lamp from the outlet and eat four feet of cord.  (Lucky for him he unplugged it first)  He did it without pulling the lamp from the table.  Furthermore, he did it the five minutes before I was to leave for work.  In a panic, I called the office and told them what had happened, they told me to bring him in to work with me.

     When I arrived, the vet decided to take x-rays.  Malcolm never needed sedation for x-rays he was such a ham he’d stay still for the pictures.  Once my boss got a look at the x-rays he called me away from my microscope to tell me that he thought with a little help from medication that by the end of the day the problem would resolve itself.

     For the rest of the day while I worked Malcolm enjoyed the attention of all the vets and technicians and the luxury of a fancy run in the kennels.  An hour before my shift was over one of the techs came running in to tell me all was great and Malcolm could go home with me.

     Vet bill:  200.00

     New lamp cord and rewiring:  12.00

     Malcolm healthy and into more mischief:  Priceless

About doggonedmysteries

Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner--I have one at the present time, Avid gardener.

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