I love Halloween but….

     For thirty-five years, we’ve gone all out on Halloween.  We even wear costumes to hand out candy.  This year is no different. 

     On October first, I put black garland twined with orange lights along the edge of the porch roof and stapled glow in the dark plastic spider webs to the struts on the sides.  The fancier lights and decorations don’t go outside until the day of our city’s designated Trick or Treat night.  My best friend and I will spend the entire day of the ‘designated night’ decorating my front porch. 

     Trick or Treat night falls on Halloween for a change, and our city limits the hours to between 6 and 8 p.m. (No fair!)  I want to stay out there later.  I have too much fun playing with my fog machine and animated props.  Sometimes on a rare, warm Trick or Treat night, we will pass out candy until 10.  

     We have hordes of Trick or Treaters arrive.  Meatloaf, Queen, and the old Halloween stand bys blast from speakers.  Wildly Witchy, I dip into my cauldron and pass out candy by the handful.  It’s true, I enjoy thinking about sugar-hyper kids who bounce off the walls and drive their parents crazy all night.  Why should I be the only person who has trouble sleeping? 

     I always love the comments the people make about our display.  However, the last few years I’ve heard a few remarks a great deal scarier than the spookiest of costumes.  These were from numerous parents who brought their kids to our house. 

     “I’ve always loved coming to your house on Halloween!  I used to Trick or Treat here when I was a kid.”  Those people had graying hair and were with children who weren’t toddlers.  


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  1. Sounds fun to me no matter how fast time passes by 🙂 I never celebrated Halloween, never gave Treats to the the kids… I’d love to though, as a birthday treat. I’d love to dress up and transform my home for a few days into a spooky/fun place. I’ll happen one day 😀
    In the meantime,
    Happy Halloween to you!

  2. It’s some sort of automatic change that happens to the eyes – it’s not us getting any older 🙂

    Though I do recall being stopped by a policeman who I didn’t believe really was a cop. I thought he was a high school kid in the local program the cop shop had for kids. Confusedly he left without giving me a ticket. Next day the chief (a buddy) called me to sadly ask why I was demoralizing his cop shop.

    He was too young to join the force, he went back and told the other guys what happened!!!!

    I’m still a tiny bit embarrassed, but I know it was just my eyes.

  3. doggonedmysteries

    Thank you for the happy wishes, Claire.

    It is fun to play and of course, I refuse to grow up.

    Yes, Elena it must be the eyes!

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