Fried brain

     It seems that not enough has happened this past week so The Curmudgeon had to go overboard. He didn’t tell me he fell again the other day and smashed his ribs into the side board of his bed. Well, he did. Yep, looks like he cracked a couple of ribs again. Worse thing is he’s come down with a bit of a cough with it. Uh huh, that hurts.

     His moans and groans are epic and I swear Gavin mimics him once in a while to garner attention. Thank goodness for bedtime around here, a time where I get a little break in the chaos, unless The Curmudgeon can’t fall to sleep, then the chaos continues.

     I long for a day of silence. Not complete ear ringing silence, but the silence you find at a beach when you are the only one there, or in the woods in the early evening.

     I don’t want a running commentary of what is playing on TV. I am in the same room and trying to do something not pertaining to the TV. Please don’t tell me about that stupid commercial for the four hundred and thirty-seventh time.

     By the end of the day my brain is fried into a crispy non-functioning pile of cells. You all have a good day.


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  1. I’m sorry to hear about this latest mishap of his, but I have to tell you the title “Fried Brain” made me initially think you were sending me a joke, until I saw comment@reply as part of the address line. (I hope that tidbit made you smile at least (you deserve some humor).) I hope the curmudgeon starts to feel better soon. I know what it’s like to have someone whining and complaining more than necessary. Hugs to you and Patty especially.

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