Patty is not well

     I guess we didn’t have enough stress in this house. Day before yesterday Patty did a lot of whining all night, very unlike her, poor pup. (Gavin is the whiny butt in this house.) Therefore my instructions to The Curmudgeon was that he make an appointment for her at the vet’s first thing in the morning.

      We took her to the Vet’s. A new vet since all our vets retired from the practice. Thank goodness she has French Bulldogs and is familiar with how stoic the bully breeds are. Too stoic, she would not tell her doctor where she hurt. All the vet could tell was, she had less range of motion than normal when she moved Patty’s head up, down, and side to side. Not one yip or whine did the pup make in front of her new vet. Not a good thing. She showed her doctor nothing to give a hint to the degree of pain she’s in.

      A listen to her chest found a new problem, a heart murmur, stage 4. Now we know why she almost passed out while rough housing with Gavin a few weeks ago. After her syncope incident I wouldn’t allow too much play on her part.

     She’s medicated, still whiny (at home), and on plenty of rest. We hope we can at least relieve her pain and get her feeling better.

     Now I have to keep track of The Curmudgeon’s medications, my medications, and Patty’s medications.

     Would it be possible for us to have at least one stress free week in the future?

     You all have a good one and please keep Patty in your thoughts. She can use the help.


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  1. Sending her telepathic hugs right this minute! Will keep her in our thoughts as well. I’m very glad that she is with you both, as you take such good care of her.

  2. Rocky and I will continue to send Patty Reiki energy. She got the first dose last night. Patty, your job is to take the energy and let it go to the parts of your body that need it, sweetie.

  3. Awh poor Patty! I hope she feels better soon and I hope you have a stress free week coming up :)

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